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Walkers and Cyclists

The beautiful Exmoor country park is a fantastic place for walkers and cyclists alike.

A selection of local bike routes can be found here

One of the National Park's "Golden Walks" is centred on Bye Common and Winsford - read the leaflet here

For those venturing across Exmoor, the National Park Authority have published a series of walks across the park, suitable for all abilities.

Here is a small selection of local walks, of varying difficulty, to get you started


Route 1.  Larcombe Foot .

Difficulty 1/10.  2.6 miles. 

Ash Lane -> Larcombe Foot -> Exford Rd. 

PDF of route here

Route 2.  Larcombe Foot via Ridge

Difficulty 2/10.  3.1 miles. 

Ash Lane ->Larcombe Foot ->Exford Rd. 

PDF of route here

Larkenfoot card.jpg
Larkenfoot via ridge.jpg
Larkenfoot via ridge card.jpg

Route 3.  Punchbowl.

Difficulty 5/10.  3.9 miles. 

Ash Lane -> Withycombe -> Punchbowl -> Halse Lane. 

PDF of route here

punchbowl card.jpg

The Punchbowl

Route 4.  Punchbowl and Tarr Steps.

Difficulty 7/10.  9.4 miles. 

Ash Lane -> Punchbowl -> Knaplock -> River Barle -> Tarr Steps -> Mounsey Hill -> Yellowcombe -> Halse Lane. 

PDF of route here       Commentary here

Punchbowl & Tarr Steps.jpg
Punchbowl & Tarr Steps card.jpg

Route 5.  Howetown and Coppleham

Difficulty 3/10.  2.9 miles. 

Howetown -> Coppleham -> Howetown

PDF of route here 

Coppleham1 card.jpg

Route 6.  Summerway

Difficulty 4/10.  2.7 miles. 

Halse Lane ->Yellowcombe->Summerway->Edbrooke Hill ->Edbrooke Rd

PDF of route here 

Summerway card.jpg

Route 7.  Week Farm

Difficulty 4/10.  4.3 miles. 

Halse Lane -> Folly -> Edbrooke Hill Gate -> Week Farm -> Edbrooke Hill ->Edbrooke Rd

PDF of route here 

Weeks card.jpg

Route 8.  Oldrey Lane

Difficulty 4/10.  4.3 miles. 

Exford Rd -> Furzehill Lane -> Ison Lane -> Oldrey Lane -> Larcombe Foot -> Ash Lane 

PDF of route here 

Oldrey card.jpg
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