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Winsford is blessed with having six lovely sounding bells which can be heard pealing out at wedding and other church services, as well as a weekly practice.

The bell ringers of Winsford have teamed up with other teams in the benefice to create the Exmoor Benefice ringers , and if you think you would like to join and learn how to ring, please contact Colin Wilkins on 851741 or Sue Atkins on 841408

Tower captain Carol Cottle has provided this further information on the bells:

The current 6 bells are the heaviest in the Exmoor Benefice.   The lightest (no.1) is 4.3cwt and the heaviest (no.6) is 12 cwt, and they are graded in size and musical scale.   Traditionally the lightest bell in any ring of bells is called the treble, and the heaviest is called the tenor.   


The four heaviest bells were first hung in 1765, the no.2 in 1842 and the treble in 1897, when all six bells were rehung.   They were rehung again in 1985.   We have just had all the ropes replaced and these last around 30 years, depending on use.

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