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Village Events 2020

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2020 has been a quiet year, but some events were worth recording​.

We have had..

Bev's Blog - Santa comes to Winsford!!


So this is the question?  When your partner or spouse says “I’ve been thinking ...” do you retreat in fear assuming this will be something that will require an enormous amount of effort, or something that will cause a massive dent to the savings account?

But when Jane Orchiston, hereinafter to be known as the Chief Elf, had this thought, it was all for a good cause. Watching the news on a Friday night and having seen how so many children were likely to be missing out this Christmas an a variety of ways, she thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if Santa could visit Winsford, just to share a little joy in the local community ….and so the letter was composed and sent, and to her surprise the response was immediate. Santa would be passing by the Monday before Christmas and would love to visit,  Exmoor being a favourite on his very long list!

The long awaited day came and the Elves could be seen on the Village Green preparing a comfy place for Santa to sit to welcome and chat with the children. However Exmoor weather was at its worst or best, depending how you view it, with high winds and rain that swirled around the green, Santa’s Marquee tried many times to fly away, but the ingenious Elves held on tight, tied it down and all was well….for the time being!

On Monday afternoon Santa made his entry to the village and was seen joyfully making his way down Ash Lane, ringing his bell and delivering gifts on his way, much to the amusement and surprise of the residents!

On arrival at the Village Green, he settled into his comfy (dry) chair and prepared himself for his first visitors, which were soon to be seen making their way, in the now driving rain!

The children were met by the Elves and shown to Santa’s tent where he chatted to all asking about their friends, schools and of course what they would like for Christmas, the answers were varied ranging from a Ferrari to a bowl of cereal?!!

Santa did a great job, but some were totally bemused by the occasion unable to say a word just looking at him in total wonderment ,where as others were ecstatic!

After their chat the children went to see the Elves for their gifts and then to have their photo taken with Santa, by this time everyone was smiling and all you could hear were happy, laughing  voices as they made their way home.

As the weather worsened, with the rain and wind returning Santa disappeared as quickly and quietly as he had arrived, surely rushing on to deliver gifts to the many other children who were eagerly awaiting his visit. We can only hope he will return next year, maybe in his wet weather outfit!


Thank you to Jane for inspiring the visit for all the Elves who helped to make it such a success.

Beverley Flanagan

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In December the Christmas tree arrived on the green and was decorated by Steve Hunt and Beverley Flanagan
It provided the perfect backdrop for the Carol service organised by Brenda Staples
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On Wednesday November 11th, Winsford remembered those who sacrificed so much for our freedom by paying respects at the War Memorial with a 2 minute silence. The ceremony was conducted by David Godsal, with wreaths laid by Capt Godsal and Parish Council Chairman Colin Wilkins.

David Godsal has compiled a list of Winsford residents killed in conflict.  See The Fallen page









Halloween Carving Competition 2020

Something rather spooky started to happen on the Winsford Village Green on Saturday afternoon!

There were some very odd looking characters, dressed in capes, with long flowing tresses and horns lurking beneath the trees, surrounded by pumpkins, bats and ghoulish faces!

Bemused visitors, and even some of the locals, wondered if they had been transported to some far away fantasy land, but no, it was just the setting for the first ever Winsford Pumpkin Carving Competition!


The pumpkins started to arrive at 16.00 escorted by adults and children alike, some entering into the spirit of the day and who were frighteningly dressed for the occasion!  The standard of carving was  exceptional, just proving the outstanding artistic ability of the village, and with over thirty entries the judges had a difficult job on their hands.


The contestants, full of candy eyeballs and ghoulish lollipops, watched on while the judges Sue Hayes and Colin Wilkins made their decision on the prizewinners.


In the under sixteen group the prizes were won by Andrew Ayliffe, Ryan Little, Lennon Howe, Thea Watts-Mabbot with the winning entry from Katherine Herbert.


The adult group winners were Francis Ayliffe, Nicky Tyllier with the first prize being awarded to Abigail Farmer.


Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to make some wonderful carvings, for turning up on what was a very atmospheric evening and for ultimately making the event such a success!


So here’s looking forward to the next time!! Woooooowwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!


Beverley Flannagan

More photos can be found in the archive here





Lockdown has meant that there has been little activity at the St Mary Magdalene church, however on August 30th, for a select few, there was the welcome sight of a marriage blessing ceremony. The couple, with strong local ties,  had married a few weeks previously abroad without family members being able to attend.














August 15th was the 75th aniversary of VJ Day, effectivly marking the end of the second world war. Small groups gathered around the village to commemorate the occasion - these were on The Steep

Raising a glass for VJ Day on The Steep

August 8th would have been the village fete, all the more missed due to the dazzling sunshine on that day.

Rather than do nothing, Sue Hayes enterprisingly decorated the bus shelter with drawings from children around the village, and very smart it looked to!