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Exmoor Community Youth Club






In an area characterised by high levels of rural isolation and poverty, the Exmoor Community Youth Club (ECYC), a registered charity #1142358, provides a safe place for young people from across the moor to meet and play.


Now in its 10th year, the ECYC meets every Friday evening from 6-8PM.  The club meets at the Exford Cricket Pavilion and Field.  The ECYC now has hundreds of members and it’s not unusual to have 60 children appear on a Friday evening.  It is an open access youth club which provides inclusive play, adventure, and outdoor natural play and sport for children aged from 6 to 18.   The children are also given a hearty snack during the evening.  Two youth workers and many volunteers supervise the club nights and offer programmes of games and crafts throughout the year.  


Holiday activities are also a main feature of the ECYC, including trips off the moor and a camping experience in the summer holidays. Last autumn saw a Saturday coach trip to Watermouth Castle.


While the children pay a fee of £1 each club night, the club relies on the generous gifts of friends and of local fundraising events to raise the necessary balance to cover club costs.  Each child is subsidised for about £5 above their entry fee.


Winsford fundraising includes a Winsford Bingo Night and the Winsford Winter Fair at the Village Hall, both organised by Sue Hayes.


For more information and to stay up to date, please look at the Exmoor Community Youth Club facebook page or telephone key Youth Worker Laura Tasker on 07815 734612 or contact Trustee Chairman Malcolm Wild on

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