Winsford Cricket Club

It is thought that here has been a Cricket Club in Winsford since before World War 1 where it was originally located in the Vicarage Grounds.  


In 1979 the old cricket pavilion was relocated to its new home in Howetown Lane where it was then replaced in 1992.

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It has been a focal point in the village and the surrounding community, hosting many matches one of which was the Johnson Family versus Winsford in 2010 to celebrate the 70th birthday of Stanley Johnson. It is made up of a friendly group of cricket enthusiasts, playing local fixtures throughout the season.


2021 Season


The club had been promoted after the 2019 season into the West Somerset League's Division 2. 


Play started in May with a narrow loss to Churchinford. The next two games were rained off, and thing didn't get any better for a while with Winsford losing 7 out of their first 8 matches, although two were extremely close. Relegation back to Division 3 was a definite possibility.

Come July though, after losing the reverse fixture to Churchinford, Winsford won 6 out of their last 7 matches with some outstanding performances, losing only to runaway league winners Stoke St Mary. There were many outstanding performances in this run, with Dan Bowley's 5-36 against East Huntspill and Tom Wyatt's 109* against Wiviliscombe possibly the picks.

The run was enough to raise Winsford to seventh place in the division, a very creditable performance.




May 1st    
Winsford    v    Churchinford  (lost by 2 wickets)  
May 8th    
Roadwater I    v    Winsford    (rained off)
May 15th    
Winsford    v    Sampford Arundel    (rained off)
May 22nd    
Over Stowey I v Winsford (lost by 64 runs)
May 29th    
Winsford    v    Stoodleigh (won by 8 wickets)
June 5th    
Timberscombe    v    Winsford   (lost by 3 runs) 
June 12th    
Winsford    v    Stoke St Mary  (lost by 138 runs)  
June 19th    
East Huntspill I    v    Winsford   (lost by 1 wicket) 
June 26th    
Winsford    v    Wiveliscombe II    (lost by 63 runs)
July 3rd    
Churchinford    v    Winsford (lost by 3 wickets)   
July 10th    
Winsford    v    Roadwater I   (won by 8 wickets)
July 17th    
Sampford Arundel    v    Winsford    (won by 5 wickets)
July 24th    
Winsford v Over Stowey I (won by 5 wickets)
July 31st    
Stoodleigh    v    Winsford   (won by 25 runs) 
August 7th    
Winsford    v    Timberscombe (rained off)    
August 14th    
Stoke St Mary    v    Winsford    (lost by 6 wickets)
August 21st    
Winsford    v    East Huntspill I    (won by 6 wickets)
August 28th    
Wiveliscombe II    v    Winsford    (won by 111 runs)


The Club is always happy to hear from anyone, whatever level who would like to join this friendly group. So if you would like any more information please contact:  Mike Hayes – 01643 851372


President      Mr Stanley Johnson

Chairman      Mr Michael Hayes

Tel: 01643 851372

Secretary      Mr Andrew Blackmore

Tel: 01398 323778

Treasurer      Mr Michael Hayes

Tel: 01643 851372

Club website

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