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The Winsford Support Group (WSG) was set up in March 2020 when the rise of Covid-19 meant many parishioners had to stay at home for age or medical reasons.

Throughout the first period of lockdown the WSG helped by providing shopping, food, medicines, transport and other support to any villagers who needed assistance as well as regular information leaflets delivered throughout the parish.  They contributed to setting up the Royal Oak's takeaway service to support those struggling to get food.

Later on, when many were more confident of going out, the WSG continued to provide support where the traditional social services were unable help. For example regular vegetable deliveries during subsequent lockdowns and transport to inoculation centres for those unable to drive themselves.

Volunteers in the village have included:

Charlie Beeden, Ian Brooks, Annalise Cowley, Sarah Cox, Beverley and Gerry Flanagan, Steve Line, Julia Jones, Martin and Orla Jones, David & Jayne Luscott, Claire and Paul Sams, Jane Orchiston, Steve Pickard, Ros Rees, John Reilly, Karen Wilson.

If you need help and assistance, whether Covid related or not

Just Call, That’s All!
The Winsford Support Group is a volunteer group that has been set up to help villagers who may need help for any reason during the current lockdown. 
To contact a representative  
If you live in or around:
Ash Lane/The Steep – call 851539 or 851881
Halse Lane – call 851281 or 851357
Exford Road/Furzehill Lane – call 851762 or 851444
Edbrooke Road or Howetown – call 851586 or 851329
or email
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