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Interesting if overlong parish council meeting last night.  Amongst the topics discussed were:


  • Setting up of a working party to investigate options for replacing broken swings on village green.  If you have any input please contact Patrick Watts-Mabbott or Sarah Little.


  • Report from District council that they are starting to get very strict chasing up council and business tax arrears. If you are worried about your circumstances, free confidential independent advice is available from organisations such as the Citizens Advice.

  • District council also reported that the deferral decision for the Halse Lane phone mast is under appeal and that an alternative site may have been identified. In any event it is certain that a mast will be available in the area, although no one knows when.


  • Fixing a date for the Annual Assembly.  This will by necessity be online via Zoom, or a telephone call, and will be held on April 28th at 7:00pm. Joining instructions will be published here when available


  • The date of the separate annual parish council meeting, which will be May 5th.


  • Planned siting of ten trees gifted to the village by the county council


  • A rather divisive discussion about the relationship between the parish council’s own website and this website . Those of you who have visited both will know that the PC website carries PC business, and this one tries to support the wider parish, local businesses as well as giving information to visitors. For a graphic of the main differences click here

    • The original motion stated that there should, for reasons unclear, be no other links on the council website beyond those to government bodies.  A sensible and conciliatory amendment was proposed suggesting that visitors to the council site in search of information on Winsford should be prompted to visit this one. While this seemed beneficial for all, some councillors still voted against, and the chair’s casting vote went with them.  The main motion then squeaked through on a minority vote (3 in favour, 2 against, 2 abstentions)  so there will be no links to non-government related bodies on the PC website.

    • We should expect more from our parish council than this. The two websites are not competitors and should be used in tandem for the parish's information and support. This website will not be playing tit-for-tat and will continue to link to the council website


At this stage the chairman closed the meeting before it could consider the full agenda as it had run out of time.