Events Around the Village

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2020 has been a quiet year, but some events were worth recording​.

Lockdown has meant that there has been little activity at the St Mary Magdalene church, however on August 30th, for a select few, there was the welcome sight of a marriage blessing ceremony. The couple, with strong local ties,  had married a few weeks previously abroad without family members being able to attend.














August 15th was the 75th aniversary of VJ Day, effectivly marking the end of the second world war. Small groups gathered around the village to commemorate the occasion - these were on The Steep

Raising a glass for VJ Day on The Steep

August 8th would have been the village fete, all the more missed due to the dazzling sunshine on that day.

Rather than do nothing, Sue Hayes enterprisingly decorated the bus shelter with drawings from children around the village, and very smart it looked to!